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Thursday, May 23, 2019


What is Corinth Youth Hockey?

Corinth Youth Hockey is a recreational youth hockey program for boys and girls that has been in operation for over 40 years.  It has always been our goal to provide an affordable and family friendly youth hockey experience.  Protective equipment is loaned to players at no cost and ice rental costs are kept to a minimum by playing the majority of our games and practices on outside ice.  Every weekend is a "winter classic" in Corinth.  We are a non-checking "house league" and do not have travel teams that compete against other organizations.  Teams are formed by age group and play a schedule of games competing for the league championship and the coveted "Corinth Cup".

How much does it cost?

There is no registration fee and we will never turn away a player for lack of funds.  We do ask every player to participate in our annual fundraiser sale or to make a donation instead, if possible.  Our operating costs are met by fundraising activities and financial assistance from the Town and Village of Corinth, local businesses and organizations and individual contributions.

What equipment does a player need?

Each player must supply his or her own skates and stick.  Other protective equipment, including helmets, shoulder pads, pants, gloves, shin guards and elbow pads are available for loan from the organization.  This equipment is purchased in bulk by Corinth Youth Hockey, loaned to the players for their use during the season and then collected at the end of the season and repaired or refurbished if necessary.

What ages may participate?

The program is open to boys and girls age 4 through 18 (age as of December 31).  New players are accepted age 4 through 13.  Players 14 through 18 must have been registered with Corinth Youth Hockey for the previous season.  The 4 and 5 year olds will be taught to skate and will learn basic hockey skills.  All other age groups will be divided into teams and will play a competitive schedule.

Do I have to be a Corinth resident?

Residents of other communities are welcome, however, if we reach the limit of the number of players we can accommodate residents of the Town of Corinth will be given priority.

Does the player need to know how to skate?

No.  We teach skating at all age levels.  Our coaches have had several years of experience teaching skating and will work with the new skaters during our fall practice sessions.  Typically we have everyone up and skating before our game schedule begins.

Where and when do you play?

During the months of November and December we have practice sessions on Sunday afternoons at the inside rinks at Saratoga Springs.  At these sessions we teach skating and evaluate the players prior to selecting teams.  When ice comes to our outside rink in Corinth, usually around the first week in January, our games and practices will be held there.  Ages 4 and 5 normally skate each Saturday.  Ages 14 through 18 will play games usually on Thursday evenings.  The other age groups will have one evening practice per week and will play games on Friday nights, Saturdays or Sunday afternoons.  This will be a rotating schedule with each team playing one or two games per week.  In March we return to inside ice at Saratoga Springs for our Corinth Cup Tournament.

How can parents participate?

We encourage the participation of parents.  You do not have to have a hockey background to sign up as a coach.  You can learn the sport along with your child while you help out with non technical tasks such as skate tying and nose wiping.  If you can skate and know hockey sign up as a referee and complete our referee training program.  We can always use more referees.  For every game we look for parent volunteers to operate the scoreboard and keep the score sheet.  Most importantly, our outside rink is resurfaced every night by parent volunteers with a fire hose.  That is an experience you will not want to miss, especially when the temperature is sub zero.

When is registration?

Registration usually takes place around the last week in September.  Watch this website for the date,
time and location.

If you have more questions you can direct them to